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Ţara: Canada
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Hey, I'm Kim! I'd appreciate it if you could share some stamps from your country, these stamps provide a window into the cultural heritage and history of each nation, adding a fascinating and valuable touch to my collection.


If you want to explore my preference,

I have a soft spot for 1970s stamps with nostalgic vibes

and Painting/Illustration portrait stamps that showcase artistic talent.

Movie-related stamps add a touch of Hollywood glamour to my collection.

Philippines, Japanese, and Chinese stamps intrigue me with their cultural significance.

Stamps related to donations hold a special place in my heart for their charitable impact.

I also like Stamps-related postal service!


On the flip side, you can share your least favourite ones. I'd love to hear about the stamps that don't quite resonate with you and why they aren't your top picks. I'd appreciate it if you shared your insights so that I can better understand your stamp collection preferences.

What I appreciate the most is your generosity in sharing your stamps with me. Whether they are still attached to paper, used, or unused stamps, I'm thrilled to receive them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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